Data Analyst, Developer & Lifelong Student

Sagrario Grullon

Data Analyst, Developer & Lifelong Student

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Enthusiastic analytics and information technology professional with vast experience in front-end web development, databases, operational analytics, and back-end support/maintenance motivated by addressing the company’s need to understand valuable key performance indicators and customer behavior to optimize revenue streams and reduce expenses.

Proficient in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), SCRUM agile development, benchmarking, regression testing, Google Analytics, project management, database design, development, management and maintenance. Plugged in to emerging technologies and business disruptors in order to couple learning experiences with evolving business trends to produce actionable insights that benefit the organization. 

Experienced in creating innovative ideas and options that lead to building superior processes using mostly an intuitive and analogical thinking style while weaving synthetic mechanisms for developing idealistic themes into creative realities while also using a logical and scientific thought process. Enjoy transformational assignments that allow me to interact with people and inspire others to use their intuitive skills to adapt to changing situations.
Professional Experience
From a Lead Programmer at a small Healthcare Information company to a Sr Data Integration Analyst at a Fortune 500 Insurance company and a Freelance Developer and Social Media Coordinator..
Because in a Digital World there's no other option but to adapt and learn, I constantly expand and branch-out my knowledge through online courses and independent research.
Current work.
Cuba Miami Law
Website Development & Maintenance for law firm's site that highlights their involvement in the Cuba-US discussions.
Miami Vineyard Volunteer Connect
Currently developing an Android Mobile Application for a community church in the Miami area with the goal to unite communication efforts and easily manage volunteer engagement.
Social Media management for a community church in the Miami area with the goal to attract new church members and communicate with current ones about current and upcoming events as well as service-related messages.
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